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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

For The Sake of Your You Tube Channel and Your Earning Create a Blog Step by Step Guide For Free

Introduction -

In my previous post I disscussed with you how to create a You Tube channel and how you can earn money from this.And I also told you what is the method to set up a ad in your video but I dont told the prossess.Today in this blog post I will disscuss with you how you can set up a Blogger account and a Adsence account.At first I make you understand that You might have to create a Adsence account to earn money from You Tube channel but you may set up a blog to create treffic in your youtube channel and yah that is organic trffic not paid traffic.and don't think the Adsence is the only way to monitize your YouTube channel there is other ways but adsence the most reliable way.I will tell you about the other ways to monetize your YouTube Channel .But today at first let me disscuss about this topic.

What is Ad sence -

Adsence is a platform where you allowed to earn from ads.You can monitize your You Tube Channel,your blog/your website.And the good thing is its a google platform.

What is Blogger -

Blogger is a google Platfrom where you can creat A blog/website for free.There are many platform like blogger(like wordpress).But those are vey dificult to use(I have a experiance).So I always prefer to use Blogger to create blogs/website.Actualy blogs are like websites where you can use a domain name of your choice but the subdomin is given by them(Ex.Domain of my website-howtoearnatblog, are you see that there is a extra word blogspot normal website only have .in or .org or .com but why there is that extra word.Acctually when you use the free subdomain they give their site name as an ad.Like when you creat a web address like EXAMPLE in wordpress then it will beome now I think you got it.Oh and don't think you will create a blog site only to grow your You Tube visitors or Subscribers. You can also put ads from Adsence and some other ad sites you can also put pop up ads in your blogger to bost your earning.I will make an another blog post for pop up ads and the other advertising  platfrom.

How to create a adsence account -

At first you have to log in with google account in the browser that you want to use to create your adsence account
Then press Sing up button.
Then press yes.
Then pressa log in with the current account.
Then  Give your website info.
Then Give your personal info.
Tadah you adsence account request sended.
Wait for two or three weeks for conformation.
And after your account will confirm with google you will ready to rook.
But You need a website to Create a free website or blog please wait for my next blog post where I discuss with you how you can create a blog.I will post it soon.So follow me at these social media addresses for updates-
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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Earn With Jio Free Data

Hello friends thank you for your love.Today I will disscuss with you about my new trick the Jio trick.In this post I will tell how you can earn with Jio.In my privious blog post I told you about a app named Data Back today I will tell you about an another app  but today the app is different because you can use the Data Back app to save data only but you can use the Whaff app to earn money.And are you know why I say it The Jio Trick,Because before Jio you had spend money to earn from this app don't understand?Acctually Whaff is a app that allow you to earn money by download apps and follow the direction they give.It's similar to the mcent app..And yah that's an another good idea you can also use mcent to earn free talk time.But you only get talk time not money.Yah you can make money by recharge someone else but when their is free calls from Jio it's very difficult.Whaff give you the real money to your bank account.To get the money you just have to follow the steps the Whaff team give you.After following the steps you will became the owner of some dollers.At Whaff their are lots of options to earn.You can earn .300doller by only refering your friend also your friend will get the same money(You can use my Whaff Ref cod my code is FV52193 if you want to get .300 dollar).Thats easy what do you think?And thats not all you can earn money from Whaff picks,and also by daily attendence.Thats interesting Nah.I think you have a question how Whaff give you the money? Actually they earn from ads.The apps you download those are actually ads.I try my best to describe the app but its imposible to describe you with just by a post.So I make a You Tube video .You can find it at below and also my contacts-
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Monday, 9 January 2017

The Jio Trick Save Your Data For The Crisis

In this jio period you can enjoy the free data but think about the future  when the jio offer get it's end then what you will do?Don't worry I have an idea  you can download the app called Data Back and you can also install the similler apps like it.Data back is an app that allow you to save data like a bank.The idea is when the Jio free period ends you can use the saved data.But there is a limited amount of data you can save in a day.At Data back you can Earn reffernel bonus by inviting friends(I have a another Jio trick which I will revile in my next post and I also disscuss about how to set up a adsense account in your You tube channel).You can download it from this link and you get free 10mb of data.For video tutorial you can visite my youtube channel via the link bellow-
Video:Intro part1-
           Tutorial Part2-
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Earn Money Never Been That Easy:Create A You Tube Channel


The best and relibel way to income is to set up a You Tube channel.But to set up a YouTube channel is very simple but to maintain and establishe it is very difficult.At first you have to know what is a you tube channel.A You Tube channel is a source where you can share your moments and knowledge with the world.And the best thing is you can income from it.You just have to set up the AdSense account with your You Tube channel.But Before that you have to earn a bunch of subscriber then you got the AdSense approval.But before all of these you have to set up a you tube channel(Don't worry I post more about it in my future posts). Curious how to create one  then visit my you tube channel and see the video that I have only made for you.
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